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The universal problem


What's it?

The Bible says that we are born into this world with a nature that is fallen, broken and goes acts against our Creator. One day or the other this nature is evident in one form or the other and that is because of the sinful nature of humans.

Why is it so?

This is due to the original sin of our First Man by the name of Adam, who rebelled against God with his Free Will. So everyone of us who is born into this world inherits that sin and has the sinful nature.

So what?

By nature, some time or the other, sin is reflected in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Due to this sinful nature, we go against God knowingly and unknowingly.  We lost our connection with our God and all of us are to receive the punishment of sins.

What then?


Out of God's love for us, He sent His Son Jesus to pay the price of our sins. Jesus came as a human, lived a sinless life, shed his holy blood, and died for all of us on our behalf. He paid the price on our behalf. Then, He rose again on the third day giving us hope. 

So what?

For all of us who believe in Jesus, this free gift of salvation from sins is granted and we are made a new creation with a new nature.

What next?

God grants us the Holy Spirit to live in us and to empower us to carry out God's Will in our lives. We live the way God is pleased. God helps us to overcome our weaknesses and to be like His Son Jesus.

What are we to do here as Children of God?

To do God’s Will = To understand God’s Word & to Obey it [Mark 3:35 = Luke 8:21]
To understand God’s Word as it is
To understand the Apostle’s Teaching – the Doctrines
To worship God in Truth and in the Spirit
To pray without ceasing
To be thankful to God
To understand the Church History [ Eph. 4:11 & 12]
To be Sanctified
To Please God on His terms
To fully love God (love = obey)
To deeply love our fellow beings in accordance with God’s Word
To live for Him who died for us
To be Holy & Blameless
To walk according to the Renewing of Mind
To do everything for His glory
To build & edify one another
To carry out Good Works
To seek things above
To be Good Stewards
To be God-centric
To do everything in reference and reverence to God
To guard the Doctrine & to defend the Gospel
To share the Gospel
To be a Disciple Maker
To be part of the Church
To use our Spiritual Gifts
To be Faithful Stewards
To be Good Servants
To destroy Strongholds and engage in Spiritual Warfare
To suffer for God
To take care of the Family, Relatives & Friends
To walk humbly and to uphold Justice
To take care of Widows, Orphans, and Needy
To be responsible Citizens
To be Focused
To be Wise
To be prepared to meet Jesus

Of course, all with the help of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God.


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